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Apollo Graph Developer - Associate Certification

Our Lift-off trainings help developers get started with GraphQL and Apollo. It enables them to assess their knowledge of GraphQL basics and earn the first level Apollo certification to boost their career.

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Certification details

After completing the 5 Lift-off courses and each of their assessments, you are granted the Apollo Graph Developer - Associate certification. This ensures that you possess a solid foundational knowledge of GraphQL and the Apollo tool suite to design a schema, run an Apollo Server, and perform queries with Apollo Client on the front end.


Apollo Graph Developer - Associate


  • JavaScript
  • React

Skills assessed

  • GraphQL & Apollo basics
    • Understand the GraphQL & Apollo ecosystem
    • Design a basic schema
    • Create an Apollo Server and connect to a REST data source
    • Implement Apollo Client library in a React app, build a basic GraphQL query and display results
  • Resolvers, arguments, mutations
    • Implement resolvers
    • Use arguments in queries and resolvers
    • Add a mutation to the schema
    • Explain the best practices for shaping a mutation response and handling errors
    • Use the useMutation hook to send a mutation to the server
  • Production
    • Go from a dev graph to a deployed graph
    • Configure Apollo Server and Client for production

Learning path

Lift-off I: Basics

Get started with Apollo

Lift-off II: Resolvers

Live data, resolvers, and data sources

Lift-off III: Arguments

Getting specific with GraphQL query arguments

Lift-off IV: Mutations

Update data with GraphQL mutations

Lift-off V: Production & the Schema Registry

Deploy your app into production

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